Someone hits you

Someone punches and is harassing you non stop, you’re told to keep calm and tolerate it.
You know responding will cost you everything, you have no rights!

They do it again and you’re told to keep calm and be tolerant again and this person keeps punching you again and again and again….

You keep control of your anger and you remain tolerant, try not to let the pain show, you ask for sympathy but are laughed at.

They keep hitting you.

……..Until… Something finally snaps! You retaliate, and you have the full force of all your pent up rage behind you!

You are beyond caring any more, the anger and red mist has come across your eyes.

You tolerate it for long enough when you finally hit back, fuelled by immense anger, you want to do nothing but kill them.

Someone punches you once and you punch them back there and then, that’s the end of it, but not when it comes to domestic abuse if you are a man.

You’ve no where to go an no one to help you, you lose your kids, home and your life.

This is why so few men will report domestic abuse by females




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